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UX design driving Servitization for Engineering

June 2024

Digital transformation changes the supplier to client playing field. Integrating engineering processes and products with services creates business opportunities. It solidifies the business relationship while providing additional value that a customer is willing to pay for. But it is only going to work with good UX design.


Initially, manufacturing companies only added basic services to their product offerings, such as maintenance and support. The primary goal was to differentiate their products in competitive markets and build longer-term customer relationships.

New digital tools allowed for more sophisticated services, such as remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and performance analytics. The introduction of sensors, IoT devices, and data analytics platforms allowed for real-time data collection and analysis, enabling proactive and preventive service models. Taking after-sales to the next level.

All while focussing on the customer-centric approach: focusing on delivering value and improving the customer experience through tailored services and solutions. Making sure you stay relevant to the customer. Whether you translate services into products en products into services.

But that new digital relationship relies heavily on an overall user friendly experience by means of good UX design.

No UX, no success

UX design can totally make or break the client relation. Good UX design makes sure that clients experience a smooth interaction with the offered services. Leading to confidence and trust that their order is in good hands.

Good UX delivers the service interaction in an intuitive manner. It translates raw data into meaningful insights and possible follow-up actions. Failing to incorporate UX design expertise leads to misunderstanding on various scales and human errors.

At Okapion, we design digital user experiences for companies that have an intense relationship with their customers. Most digital services already begin before delivery. A client portal provides transparent insights before and during ongoing project design and build.

For example: After delivery of their cranes, Huisman is still actively involved in the way their project performs. Owning the products data, they can pro-actively predict maintenance and share data insights to the client based on a subscription. We designed the client-portal to be the accessible central hub for these kind of services.

“Good UX design helps to reassure clients in the trust of you as a supplier.”

How to not f*ck up

Based on our experience we have some takeaways on how to not f*ck up your digital servitization:

1 • Make sure you have people on board that understand the digital world.
2 • Prepare your digital relationship strategy before you start. Know your goals and clients.
3 • Your most valuable services are the ones that relieve customers of their biggest fears.
4 • Invest in good UX design and do so on time. Allow yourself to investigate multiple options.
5 • Know what your client knows so you can level your tone of voice.
6 • Always present data in a insightful manner and the correct context.
7 • Be easy to contact and follow up.
8 • Never stop listening to your users. Let their feedback inspire you to improve.

What's next?

The future of digital servitization will have more integration of emerging technologies such as:

Blockchain for secure and transparent service transactions.

• Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for immersive service experiences.

• Further advancements in AI for autonomous service delivery.

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