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September 2023

How UX makes your digital product WCAG compliant

In 2025, you are obliged by law to make your digital content accessible according to the WCAG 2.2 guidelines. This article explains how good UX will keep you out of prison.

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Okapion, TNO and HHDC and design new health data platform "Gezond Akkoord"

Get to know us, through Nigel's experience

We are helping out Dutch Ministry

Hi Linda, welcome to the family!

New client LVNL takes us to the cloud (literally!)

Product design for Ahold Delhaize’s digital transformation

Glencore wins the UXXL 2019 award!

Thanks for a great and amazing UXXL 2019!

Helping MoveMove with their mobile app concept

We won a Dutch Interactive Award (DIA) 2019!

Karen continues to be part of the crew

2019 inspiration company meeting

We won a FD Gazellen award

Samskip and CoolProfs win UXXL 2018 award

Steffi joins the club

UXXL 2018 event was a big success!

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