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Samskip and CoolProfs win UXXL 2018 award

October 2018

Okapion is all about 'users first'. It is not always the case that clients act to that same believe once we are in a project. Therefor we want to praise and stimulate the projects that are willing to go the distance when it comes to realising great UX. For this we award projects that have done an excellent job on this with the Okapion UXXL 2018 award.

During our yearly Okapion UXXL event we handed out the first ever Okapion UXXL award. In the past year Samskip really made an effort to push the UX of their new platform project to a higher level. And technical developer CoolProfs was also willing to go beyond the standard front-end development to achieve this. Therefor we wanted to put them in the spotlights and reward them and the with the Okapion UXXL Award 2018.

In this Samskip project we totally redesigned the way containers logistics are digitally managed.

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