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Get to know us, through Nigel's experience

February 2021

Every year, we have the pleasure to help one or more interns with their study. They join our team for half a year and get the chance to see how we work and learn by doing or they do their final thesis project. We put a lot of effort in finding the right fit, since they all become a part of the team for the time they are with us.

Nigel did a great job as an intern. He showed a willingness to learn by trying, making mistakes, collecting feedback, looking critically at himself and then improving. He always showed openness and curiosity, and also always up for a laugh.

Whereas we have a lot of qualities we are looking for in an intern, the same is true the other way around. Interns need a place that matches their goals, where they fit in. Having a good environment, makes it easier to learn by asking questions and looking over shoulders.

So we sat down with Nigel, near the end of his internship, to evaluate ourselves as well. Let’s hear from him, what his experience has been.

What did you expect from your internship at Okapion?

My expectation was a top quality agency with an expertise on large complex projects. Those expectations have been met!

How did you experience your place as an intern within Okapion?

I was welcomed with a T-shirt with the Okapion logo. That made me feel welcome right away. Everyone on the team is open to helping you become a better designer.

What is the craziest/funniest thing you have experienced?

The craziest thing was the Christmas party. We all wore crazy outfits and did an online music quiz with each other.

How did you like the projects you worked on?

I chose the projects I worked on with my mentor Dave based on my learning goals. Okapion took a good look at what I wanted to learn to find assignments to go with it. They give you the freedom to explore and take initiative, but also give you feedback and attention where necessary.

How did the online collaboration go?

The collaboration went smoothly. We were in contact via Slack and every day you are in contact with everyone. It’s not just about projects, there is also time for a call to socialise over a cup of coffee.

How would you describe Okapion?

Okapion is a UX agency that specializes in solving complex user challenges. The company consists of a small team of passionate UX designers.

Not unimportantly, what’s the atmosphere like?

The atmosphere is very good. Okapion is really a family.

For whom is Okapion the company to do an internship?

If you are driven, curious and eager to learn, Okapion is the place to be.

What is your golden tip/advice for students looking for an internship?

Looking for an internship can be scary and can sometimes take a long time. There are plenty of examples of students who had to approach many companies before they found an internship. My tip is to contact companies in other ways than mail. I got to know Okapion through a lesson at school. Someone from Okapion came to our class and the teacher asked who wanted to show their portfolio. It remained quiet for a while because no one dared to do so and finally I did. This bit of guts eventually gave me a springboard for an internship here at Okapion.

By the sounds of it, Nigel was in the right place with us, but we certainly experienced that as well.

Are you looking for a UX design internship and are you interested in Okapion? Send an email with your motivation, CV and portfolio to [email protected].

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