Global wind turbine service planning

Siemens Gamesa

Capacity planning and scheduling tool (CPS)

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy brings engineering excellence to install and service thousands of turbines that are improving our planet’s health. Cutting-edge technology that harnesses the power of wind and unlocks its future potential to tackle the greatest challenge of our generation – the climate crisis. 

Operating at a global scale across the entire wind spectrum – onshore, offshore and services – Siemens Gamesa is well positioned to unlock the full potential of wind. Driven to push the technological boundaries. An important factor of the wind turbines lifecycle, is maintenance. That is where our complex challenge to design a user-friendly maintenance planning tool, started.

Learn to fix and prevent

Field study and interviews taught us everything about time-management, planning, logistics, equipment, weather, service orders, data and skilled technicians and much more...

Simulating the decisions

When data is driving important decisions, you need a tool that helps you understand the consequences. Creating a safe environment that let’s you simulate consequences before they become a reality, became essential.

AI magic for optimization

Now for the real magic. We integrated AI to transform data like turbine health, upcoming weather conditions, technician availability, and historical data, into maintenance schedules. This minimizes downtime, saves costs, and maximizes energy production.

Better UX, better decisions

Our design excellence transformed the immense amount of data and variables into a visualisation with meaning. Combining that with intuitive and scalable interactivity resulted in optimised planning decisions. This saves Siemens Gamesa time and money while upholding safety.

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