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QL Online

Two very different user groups

Getting to know the specific needs and context of users was crucial. The contrast between the two user groups was tremendous. For kids, the application needs to be fun, inspiring and visual. For teachers, it must be powerful and complete. We made sure both groups have their areas within the application but share the same context.

Visual and friendly

A teacher should be able to assign various tasks to the children in their class. Instead of using boring lists, we created ‘cards’ with specific types of assignments. Think of calculus, reading, writing and much more. If the student has completed the task, and the teacher has checked it, it will be stored in the students portfolio for everbody to see. A nice visual overview of your achievements!

A world, in a world, in a world...

We created a world where kids could work together, not only in their class, but with ad-hoc groups within that class. They can do that without any complex interaction, it's explained as creating a seperate mini-world that has the same options as the larger world.

Everything the teacher needs

The teachers can manage their content for classes as well within the application. A collaborative way of working is facilitated so that knowledge is used effectively across the school.

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