From data to safe and efficient air traffic


Decision Support Tool (DST)

In the fast-paced world of air traffic control, split-second decisions can mean the difference between safe skies and potential chaos. Our team was entrusted with the challenge of enhancing the decision-making process for managing air traffic in the Dutch at LVNL. Through research, strategic design, and user-centric thinking, we transformed a complex task into a seamless experience, making the skies safer while increasing operational efficiency. A world’s first!

Fasten your seatbelts

We delved into the world of air traffic control, collaborating closely with LVNL controllers to understand their workflows, pain points, and needs. This empathy-driven approach laid the foundation for our design decisions.

User-Centric Design

Armed with insights, we crafted an intuitive user experience (UX) design that considered the controllers' mental models and allowed them to grasp critical information at a glance. We simplified complex data visualization and prioritized crucial elements for swift comprehension.

AI optimization

We leveraged cutting-edge technologies to ensure the application's real-time capabilities. Providing controllers with live simulation updates and immediate responses to their actions.

Iterative road to success

Our design underwent rigorous testing with actual LVNL air traffic controllers, ensuring our solution aligned seamlessly with their decision-making process. Feedback loops were integral to refining our design, resulting in a product that felt tailor-made.

The return on UX investment

Our transformative UX design revolutionized air traffic control decision-making and set a benchmark for dat-driven decision making in critical sectors. By simplifying complexity, enhancing efficiency, and putting user needs at the forefront, we've contributed to safer skies and more confident controllers. After 6 months of working with DST, an average of 30% less delay was achieved.

Together with Okapion, we're truly pioneering.
Yoram Obbens, project leader at Air Traffic Control Netherlands (LVNL),

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