Innovative products for auditors and clients


A dedicated partnership

BDO has been our partner for many years now. People at BDO are intelligent, very approachable and always open to new ideas. They challenge us in creating complex workflows. We challenge them to be innovative. Their culture matches Okapions perfectly; it works.

Extremely pragmatic and iterative

The way we work together with BDO is highly pragmatic. BDO comes to us with rough ideas and requests from the business. In a conversation, we gain insights into the matter and start designing concepts. After discussing our ideas with rough sketches, it is time to iterate on them. When we have evaluated enough, technology gets involved. That is how we reach a solution.

Comfort and efficiency combined

This global portal changed the relation between BDO and their clients. Clients worldwide can now track and trace their ongoing BDO services. They can communicate with their advisors, exchange files and much more to ensure a transparent relation. It also provides tools to improve the client's accountancy business. Both parties work closer together than ever.

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