Next level supply chain design


AIMMS to the next UX level

By providing a comprehensive view of your entire supply chain, from suppliers to customers, the AIMMS tools empower organisations to make informed choices about supply chain network design and planning. This strategic foresight enables companies to find the right tradeoff between costs, service level, environmental impact and supply chain resilience.

Everything starts with data

Whether it's routes optimisation, transportation costs analysis or identifying areas for cost savings... data plays a pivotal role for the smooth operation of the supply chain. And we designed how to use it effectively.

New UX, new functionality

As designers we put ourselves in the user’s position. Imagining new desired functionalities. At AIMMS, we added a simplified dimension to the whole process and opened the door to future expansion with AI integration.

UX driving the chain

The AIMMS re-designed supply chain network design software is now the benchmark for businesses seeking to thrive in today's competitive marketplace. Since this year, being included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning is an important recognition. It empowers organisations with the tools needed to streamline operations, enhance visibility, make informed decisions, and ultimately achieve a sustainable and cost-effective supply chain.

Okapion sparked a new AIMMS era.
Jan-Willem Crevel, CIO at AIMMS,

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